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How I can log in to personal dashboard?

Your user account is provided by Solentum.
If you didn’t receive your user account,
please contact our support team.

You can contact us by e-mail at
phone numbers +31 513 489 826 or +31 513 489 999 
or contact form.

Why there are gaps in my SolAntenna CO2 measurements broadcast?

If air humidity measurement exceeds 94%, we talk about indoor condensation.  
When this happens, the CO2 sensor stops measuring, as, in these conditions, the good measurement of CO2 level is no longer possible.

A possible solution will be lowering the indoor air humidity or improving air ventilation in the building.

How it works

How it works

Can SolAntenna signal travel through walls?


The signal is capable to travel through thin (shed)doors,
but walls can block the signal.

A strong 3G/4G signal can be checked with your phone:
it should have at least 2 bars of service in the location
at all times.

How do I activate SolAntenna for the first time?

Open the SolAntenna by turning the top half counterclockwise.
Switch the red power button to on, slide the circuit board into the
guide rails and close the SolAntenna by twisting.

How long it will take for first measurements to be visible in SolAntenna portal?

After the first set-up, it can take a few hours before the measurements are shown in the SolAntenna portal.

How often does gateway collect data from SolAntenna device?



The gateway collects data from SolAntenna every 10 minutes.

How can I monitor SolAntenna’s measurements?

You will find all the data and measurements
from SolAntenna in your personal dashboard.
Please visit and log-in
with your user account.

You can easily create your own dashboard
and reports, compare results and manage
all your device settings.

You can also check it on your phone using
SolReader app, which is available
in Google Play and AppStore.


What is the max distance, from which Gataway can pick up the SolAntenna signal?


When the signal is unobstructed, the gateway
can pick up sensors from a distance up to 2 km,
using modern LoRa technology.

Can I install the SolAntenna system myself?

Yes, you can. We will support you with a quick guide to help you easily install SolAntenna solution.
If you have additional questions our support team is always ready to assist you.

You can contact us by e-mail at
phone numbers +31 513 489 826 or +31 513 489 999 
or contact form.



What is SolAntenna sensor?


SolAntenna is a wireless electronic potato,
which is designed to collect storage conditions
by providing real-time data.

How can I purchase SolAntenna system?

You can contact us by e-mail at
phone numbers +31 513 489 826 or +31 513 489 999 
or contact form.

Our team will gladly answer all your questions.

What SolAntenna storage solution set consists of?

The basic set consists of:

  – SolAntenna wireless potato sensor(s)
  – Gateway, which collects data from the sensor(s)

An optional accessory is Signal Repeater,
which can help   to create an extra range
or to improve the signal from hard to reach spots.

What measurements does SolAntenna sensor monitor?


SolAntenna sensors monitor humidity,
temperature and CO₂ levels.

What is LoRa technology used in SolAntenna solution?

LoRa is a Long-Range low power wireless communications technology
that offers secure data transmission. 

How is SolAntenna sensor powered?


SolAntenna is using 3 AAA Lithium batteries,
which can be easily exchanged.

What is battery lifespan of SolAntenna?


According to held tests,  SolAntenna with 3 AAA lithium
batteries can work continuously for 6 months. 




SolEye FAQ

This page is under construction

How it works

How it works

SolEye How it works

This page is under construction

Manuals / guides

Manuals / guides

SolEye Manuals

This page is under construction



SolEye product

This page is under construction




Why does the Solgrader app not synchronize?

SolGrader works with a synchronization process between the app and the data portal. 
SolGrader can work without an internet connection.
The synchronization button will become orange in the right top of the screen.

When you have an internet connection again, push the button and the data will be synchronized, meaning also stored in the data portal. When it is not working press the button once more. In case of an unexpected error, the button can stay orange, meaning that the data is not stored in the data portal. A “hard” removal of this data in the app can be accomplished in the More screen. In case of a synchronization error, an option will appear to do a “hard” removal of the data. This should only be used as a last resort.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

You can use forgot your password option in the SolGrader login screen.

Press ‘Forgot password’ in the login screen to recover your account.
A reset code will be sent to you.

Enter this reset code in the field and
then fill out a new password in the following screen.

Before trying to reset your password make sure you are logged out
from SolGrader on all devices.

I used to have a license, but I cannot log in anymore.

SolGrader has been renewed and that also applies to new policy of purchasing and accessing the app.

If you wish to continue using SolGrader please contact us
by e-mail at
phone +31 513 489 826 or +31 513 489 999
or contact form

SolGrader didn’t detect all potatoes after taking a picture

Try to follow the tips below:

– hold your phone as steady as possible,
– align the white corners with blue mat corners and a cross with a red square,
– keep the red square visible and 2 cm free space from its edges,
– potatoes should not be too close or on the edges of the blue mat,
– potatoes should not be “touching” each other,
– keep the blue mat relatively clean,
  When there are other objects on the blue mat like dirt,
  small branches, they may be detected and measured as well,
– place a smaller amount of potatoes on the blue mat,
– avoid placing the mat directly in the sun, as strong shadows will affect the measurement.

My camera does not detect the red square on the blue mat, when I try to take a sample.

This issue can appear due to a few reasons:

1. Check if your phone is compatible with the app – List of supported phones.

2. Make sure you align the white corners with blue mat corners and a white cross with a red square

3. Hold your phone as steady as possible, while taking the photo.


I have a phone that is not on supported by Solentum, can I still use SolGrader?


We are constantly improving our app and
updating it to new mobile phones on the market,
however, if your phone is not on the list,
we cannot guarantee the correctness of the results.

My blue mat is lost or broken.

In this case, please contact us

by e-mail at
phone +31 513 489 826 or +31 513 489 999
or contact form

We will ship your new blue mat to the provided address.

I downloaded SolGrader, but I cannot register in the app, now what?

SolGrader is free to download but you have to purchase a license in order to receive the access to functionalities.

If you do not have a valid license, please contact us
by e-mail at
phone +31 513 489 826 or +31 513 489 999
or contact form

Our team will gladly assist you with this process.

How it works

How it works

How can i delete a sample picture?

Unlock the ‘trashcan switch’.
After that, the sample picture(s) can be selected to delete.

Where can I find detailed reports from my SolGrader measurements?

Log in to Solentum Data Portal and select from left side menu tab Reports.

Select a timeframe, select your variety/varieties and press filter to see
more specific yield and value numbers.

How can I change the language of the SolGrader app?

You can change the language of the app by
pressing three dots icon in the right upper corner
of your screen.Next, select the language menu.

You can choose between English, French, German
and Dutch.

Where can I change measurement system in SolGrader?

You can change the measurement system to metric or imperial in the app settings.

To access the app settings, you have to press three dots icon in the right upper corner of the screen.

How can I change my password?

You can change your password
in the app itself in account settings.
To access account settings, you have to press
three dots icon in the right upper corner of the screen.

Is it possible to use SolGrader without the blue mat?


Our blue mat is a required accessory

for using SolGrader app.

How can I log in to the Solentum Dataplatform?

You can log in on Solentum Data Platform
by using the same credentials as for your SolGrader App.

How can I register in the SolGrader application?

After your license has been created, you will receive an invitation e-mail
from Solentum with a guide on how to register.

You can view the registration guide here.


What data does SolGrader calculate?

SolGrader calculates tubers’: size, weight, estimated total yield, grade distribution.

How does SolGrader work?


SolGrader is a mobile application
analyzing taken samples directly in the field.
All you need is your mobile phone and the blue mat.

You can read more about SolGrader here

Manuals / guides

Manuals / guides

App Registration Guide
Solgrader Manual



Is SolGrader interface available in my language?


Currently, SolGrader is available in four languages: 
English, German, French, Dutch.

Where can I download SolGrader?

You can download SolGrader from AppStore (iOS) or Google Play (Android).



What measurement units are available in SolGrader?

You can choose between the metric and imperial system of units.

Can I download and use SolGrader on multiple devices with one license ?



We advise you to use one device per license.
However, it is possible to download and use SolGrader
on multiple devices at the same time.
Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the stability
or performance of the application.

Can I download my data from SolGrader?


Yes, you can download your data
from Solentum Data Platform.

Is the blue mat free of charge?


The blue mat cost is a one-time charge.

It will be included in your first SolGrader license contract.

How can i buy a blue mat to use with SolGrader?


After signing the contract with us,
we will ship the blue mat to your address.

Can I monitor measurements from different SolGrader accounts?


Yes, SolGrader offers a corporate license option. 
This allows you to combine multiple accounts
in your organization in one master account.
In this structure, you can define the permissions
for each account to be set up by our team.



How can I buy license for SolGrader?

You can request a quotation by e-mail at,
phone numbers +31 513 489 826 or +31 513 489 999
or contact form.

Our team will gladly answer all your questions!

Can I use SolGrader on my smartphone?

Currently, our application works with a selected group of phones
that have been tested and calibrated by our team.
Below you will find the list of supported phones:

iPhone SE  || iPhone 6S  ||  iPhone 7  ||  iPhone XR  ||  iPhone 8

Samsung S7  ||  Samsung S8  ||  Samsung S9  ||  Samsung S9+  ||  Samsung Note 9

HTC Desire 530  ||  Mi 8  ||  OnePlus 5



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