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We introduce the new standard for grading frying quality

Solentum looks for solutions to support the food processing chain. Every day more companies invest in sustainability and well-being of their employees. The traditional process of French fry assessment is a specialist, but taxing task.

Using the SolEye it is possible to take a sample from a batch of potatoes and scan them in a controlled and consistent environment. Our algorithm translates the scanned sample to objective results

Process samples 24/7

SolEye is capable of doing samples 7 days a week, 24/7 with the same accuracy and replicable result(s)

Real-time results

In our software, USDA scoring is shown real-time. We also offer a color map overlay to assess differences within strips of french fries

ERP connected

All data, raw pictures and results can be stored into your ERP system so you can steer on results

“The SolEye system is now our new quality standard in every factory of Farm Frites. We found the right partner in Solentum. With their help, we improved our quality processes in accuracy, efficiency and reliability!”

Martin Vrij,
Manager Agronomy Farm Frites

Efficient and objective colour scoring to define the quality of your french fries

We offer a total turn-key solution:

  • Enclosed Illumination Cube
  • Colour Measurement (LABCH, XYZ, Whiteness)
  • Multiple Sample Analysis, with colour measurement,
    QC & statistical analysis
  • Colour Calibration Chart