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Wireless electronic potato

EC SolAntenna Storage pack, Product portfolio

With the SolAntenna Storage Control set you have 5 wireless SolAntenna’s which you can put in your (cold) storage. It measures the critical parameters for potato storage and provides a realtime overview for monitoring conditions during the storage season. You can even put in alarms if a measurement exceeds certain tresholds!

SolAntenna is the perfect (wireless) monitoring tool for your storage facility. But it’s not just a passive data logger. SolAntenna can actually transmit real-time measurements by air, utilizing wireless LoRa technology. Data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and can be monitored at any time using the Solentum Portal. Here you can review gathered information and a history of previous measurements. You can also set up alarms if a measurement exceeds certain allowed tresholds.

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Johan Oenema

23 January 2019