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What does Solentum do?

Solentum is a new independent service company that creates science based tools and services for companies in the potato chain. We focus on tailor made high technology solutions to increase economic value. For example on the level of quality control or process efficiency. Our customers can be for example (potato) growers, retailers and processors.


How much does it cost or how does it work in practice?

The pricing model will vary based on our customer need. Pricing in most cases is structured as licensed product or pricing as a service. This avoids big initial phase investments for our customers. You are free to contact us about our products and services to hear about the opportunities.


What is Solentum’s scientific background?

Core of Solentum high end products are based on the strong research and development competence of HZPC, which has one of the world biggest R&D research center in potato industry. This research resulted in development of high quality see potatoes in more than 80 countries all over the world.

The mission of Solentum as independent daughter company is to strengthen the complete potato supply chain by delivering high level products and services just for the most critical phases of the processes.


Where is Solentum located?

Solentum is located in Joure, Netherlands, in facilities of HZPC’s headquarter. Our Research and development resources are located in the village of Metslawier, Netherlands. Some customer specific measures are dedicated to manage in Emmeloord.