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New Managing Director Solentum B.V.

Joure, 5 December 2018

On behalf of the team of Solentum and Mr. Antti Hintikka it’s a pleasure to inform you that Mr. Egbert Bakker recently started as the new Managing Director of Solentum B.V.

Egbert Bakker will take over the Managing Director function from Mr. Antti Hintikka, who was combining it until today with his other responsibilities as a Business Development Project Manager for HZPC SBDA B.V.

Antti Hintikka will continue his function as Business Development Project Manager within HZPC SBDA B.V.

Egbert worked during his career in several different companies which were always strongly related to the IT sector. He also got more and more involved in digital marketing and e-commerce in startup surroundings the last years. With his knowledge and experience, and the ability to focus 100% on Solentum, Egbert will be a big contributor for the development of Solentum.

From our position we would like to wish Egbert a lot of success in his new function and trust that he will continue to build our joint cooperation and relationship in a satisfactory way.

Yours faithfully,

Herman Verveld
Solentum B.V.


Solentum Experience during HZPC Potato Days 2018

We as Solentum are excited! The previous year we made great progress and were able to welcome many new customers with our product range.

This year you can find us in the tent at the HZPC Potato Days 2018. We offer a full Solentum experience. Take a look at the walls for instance, we visualised the complete growing cycle and implemented our products in it to show what the added benefit is.


You can expect some neat stuff;

* SolGrader: Try it for yourself! You can do it the traditional way by weighing and hand-grading and with SolGrader.
* SolAntenna: We have a live demo of the Potato box filled with Alverstone Russet. We also show several customers live on the television in the relax-corner
* SolEye: We will demonstrate the SolEye live with fries baked by Milos at the Fresh Cut Fries stand next to us. Interesting to see the quality of these fries 😉

And of course, you can relax a bit at our stand in the chairs of Prominent. Just don’t fall asleep, so others can also enjoy!

We are both days available and for all the questions you could have. See you there!


The Solentum Team



Solentum shortlisted for Asia Food Loss Challenge

Reducing food loss from farm to market. That’s our goal at Solentum. So we are verry proud to be shortlisted for the Asia Food Loss Challenge 2018. Together with 20 start-up companies we’re going to pitch our solutions in Singapore on October 26th.


The event, sponsored by a.o. Rabobank, initiated in August. Follow our journey at www.solentum.com.