Important message

Dear business relation,


I would like to inform you that we as HZPC company have decided to terminate the business activities of Solentum B.V. from 1 May 2021.


The main reason for this decision is the lagging financial development of  Solentum B.V. Without a doubt as HZPC we see and realize the increasing importance of digital data within the agriculture business. At the same time, we also note that the acceptance and use of digital products are developing at a slower pace in our sector compared to others. We see this clearly reflected in the sales figures of Solentum. These lag behind compared to what we forecasted.  At the moment we do not see enough movement in this forecast to be able to operate successfully and to establish a financially healthy company


In the past six months, we have had several meetings with partners in and outside the agricultural business chain with as aim of financially participating in Solentum B.V. And although there is no doubt about the development towards a more digitized agricultural world, for all those companies, joint financial participation in Solentum B.V. is a step too far.


The consequences of our decision to terminate the Solentum B.V. activities as per 1st of May 2021, that means from that date onwards, the Solentum colleagues are no longer going to be available for questions and support.

Without any guarantee of success, I can inform you that we are still in talks with a few companies taking over one or more products and services from Solentum B.V. and so that we can continue the support of the Solentum products towards you.  We hope to inform you soon whether or not this ends up in a successful continuation.


Also, I would like to express my thanks to the Solentum team. As HZPC we are proud of their commitment and dedication to the development and marketing of the Solentum products and services. In the various contacts with you, they have always presented themselves in an open and customer worthy way by showing their responsibility in good and less good moments.  In addition, an enormous amount of valuable knowledge and expertise has been built up, which will certainly not be lost and will help HZPC in the future of digitalization.


If you have any questions or comments as a result of this message, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will then try to answer all your questions as carefully as possible.