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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions with the corresponding answer


  • Can I link one SolAntenna in multiple accounts?

    No, currently you can link the SolAntenna to one account.

  • When my device has no internet connection, but Bluetooth is on. Will it read data from the SolAntenna or not?

    Yes, it will read the data and stores this to your devices memory. As soon as there is an internet connection available, your device transfers the data to the database in the cloud.


  • Is it possible to change the intervals (increase or decrease) in reports or for reading the SolAntenna

    Currently it is not possible to change these settings.

  • Is it possible to compare the measurements from two SolAntenna's simultaniously in the online portal?

    Yes, it’s possible to compare the measurements between two devices in one graph.


  • Do I need to use the blue mat included in the package?

    Yes, this equipment is required for SolGrader to work properly. The blue color provides the contrast for the pictures taken. The red square is for scaling the measurement in the software.

  • Is SolGrader available for iPhone?

    Yes, it is available in the Apple Store.

  • What happened to the small blue mat?

    Through customer feedback it was decided that the small blue mat was simply too small to be functional. Therefore it was discontinued.

  • Is it possible to export my measurements?

    Yes, depending on your annual subscription. Data export will be possible in the near future for the Standard and Professional license