Pessl Instruments GmbH has taken over Solentum

Products SolGrader and Solantenna will continue

Head office

  • Voltahof 7, 8501 XP Joure (NL)
  • +31 513 489 999

Solentum developed smart (digital) products to collect real-time data in
the potato lifecycle.

The farmer-targeted products of Solentum have been acquired by Pessl Instruments GmbH from Austria. The products SolGrader and Solantenna are in scope of this acquisition.

Pessl Instruments will continue with the products SolGrader and SolAntenna.

So the story continues of the belief that with new technologies, co-creation and the intelligent use of data, farmers can make better and faster decisions on how to increase yield, improve processes or reduce food loss/waste.

The product Soleye will be serviced by HZPC for current customers. HZPC will search for a partner for further development of the Soleye.