Solentum provides hard- and software solutions for Agriculture and Food Industry. Our goal is to support your daily processes. Fact based and easy to use.

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Solentum is a service company delivering insights tools and services to different players of the global agro chain. Our goal is to strengthen the potato chain worldwide by reducing food loss and increasing economic value. That’s where our passion for science comes in. We use innovative technology and science based insights to improve the most critical phases in the processes. For farmers, processors and retailers.

We create great tools to collect and analyse data of growing, processing or storage conditions. And help to control them better. This way we provide ‘Value from Knowledge’

The core of our products are based on the strong research and development competence of HZPC, which has one of the world biggest R&D centres in potato industry. In 2016 we’ve started Solentum. In a strong believe to make new technology and knowledge accessible for everybody in the potato chain. Worldwide. At Solentum we work every day to make great products. Fact driven and easy to use.

Solentum operates as an independent daughter company of HZPC.

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